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Edmonton HOT SPOTS!

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    Hey Everyone,


    Let’s get a list going on some popular parks, areas and hot spots people are finding luck for maximizing time in your Pokemon world, because let’s be honest when you’re out and about your time is limited by your battery life!

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    1) Victoria Promenade.
    2) Borden Park.
    3) West Edmonton Mall.
    4) Griesbach.

    Which one is the best?1. Victoria Promenade
    2. Borden Park
    3. West Edmonton Mall
    4. Griesbach

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    Magmar nest at Hawrelak Park (verified, multiple spawn)
    Magmar nest at Dawson Park (verified, multiple spawn)
    Magnemite nest at the Legislative Grounds (verified, multiple spawn)
    Scyther nest at End of Steel Park (verified, single spawn)
    Tangela nest in Beaver Hill House Park (verified, single spawn)
    Pikachu nest in Railtown Park (verified multiple spawn)
    Squirtle nest in at the quad in front of CCIS (verified, multiple spawn)
    Diglett nest on 99 ave and 105 st in the yard of Public Schools Museum (verified)
    Lickatung nest along 99 ave between Bellamy Hill Rd and Rossdale Rd (verified)
    Charmander nest near Londonderry Arena (verified, multiple spawn)
    Eevee nest at Boxwood Bend and Birch Place in Fort Sask (verified, multiple spawn)
    Dratini nest in Hermitage Off-Leash Park (verified, single spawn)
    Ponyta nest at the U of A Engineering Quad (verified, multiple spawn)

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    I will be checking out some of these nests tomorrow. Sorry I can’t actually verify any of these yet but this has been the best source of info for YEG-GO I’ve seen so far. Thanks everyone.

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    Jigglypuff nest in Callingwood by the Lois Hole Library

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    Raging Squirrel

    the Legislature grounds are full of Clefairy’s and geodudes currently. Plus there is the Machop around sometimes. On Sunday Aug.7 a Nidoking spawned in the evening.

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    I can confirm Ekans at rail town park, electabuzz at Hawrelak near site 1. The ledge has geodudes and clefairy galore. Nothing at hermitage or rundle. Caught a lapras at Londonderry arena.

    Looking for evees

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    Can 100% conferm an Eevee nest at Callingwood dog park. I live here and theres Eevee every 10 or so mins ive got more vaporeon flareon and jolteon then i know what todo with come reap yhe benifit! There usually around the parks “Dog Park Street Art” Pokestop

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    Hawrelak has a great area between 2 pokestops together. Lots of magikarp and magmar spawns as well as clefairy and zubat.  Every night around 8pm is the best time to go. There’s always lots of people dropping lures. Good pokemon spawn about every 3 to 4 mins. Aug 22 I caught a high level golduck and a high level squirtle down there.

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    i confirmed that the old gesbaugh base has abundant Drowsy’s

    unfortunatly the CCIS building at the University didn’t have any squirtles.


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