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Rare Pokemon Nest in Edmonton

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    Trying to get a contining list of new pokemon nests in Edmonton and keep it running.

    Please add confirm and deny anything below. We are all trying to catch them all… even if we are on different teams.




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    The Legislature grounds had a Magnemite nest
    Beaver Hills House Park on 105th and Jasper was a Tangela nest
    Supposed Dratini spots:
    Hermitage Park – Eevee Railtown Park – Ekans Bottom of Bellamy Hill – Lickitung Legislature Grounds – Machop/Geodude Constable Ezio Farone Park – Onix Hawrelak Park – Electabuzz Londonderry Athletic Park – Charmander Festival Park (Sherwood Park) – Growlithe Steel Park – Scyther Windsor Park – Mankey Oliver Square – Magikarp (slow spawn) (please confirm)

    Growlithe at the U of A

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      I don’t see a lot of Mankey in Oliver square but I have found quite a few magikarp. On the way to work I can usually catch at least one or two

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        You read it wrong, he meant magicarp at oliver square not mankey


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    I can confirm Electabuzz in Hawrelak Park. Seems like it’s the south end of the park.

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    Londonderry Athletic Park – Charmander – I can confirm this

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    Pikachu in Railtown Park. Lots of sightings.

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    Edward Riordon

    the leg grounds seems to have switched into a geodude and a slow spanning machop nest with a random rare span every thirty minutes or so- I can confirm this through being there three nights in a row

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    Raging Squirrel

    Electrabuzz is near picnic area 2 at the back of Hawrelak park.

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    Growlithe/Arcanine topic here.

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    definitely a scyther nest in Fort Saskatchewan, at the spray park (near the back east end of the park). Have been there in the evenings at least 6 nights in a row now

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    I remember when pokevision was up and hawrelak was a magmar nest, now it seems to have switched to spawning electabuzzzes, caught 2 of them around 5 to 6pm. And were both on the south end of the loop.

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    Pinsir nest

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    Pinsir nest 75 & Ada boulevard


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    Pinsir nest 75 & Ada boulevard


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    Magmar nest 3 6 different days same spot


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    Pinsir Confirmation once again

    Check the times on top screen

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    Pinsir nest


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    Scyther 3rd  nest


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    Double pinsirs


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    Found 4 Evees and 3 Clefairies within about an hour on Victoria Promenade a couple evenings ago.

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    5 nights in a row 10pm+


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    Any word on a Dratini nest?

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    The hawrelak nest is currently spawning Pinsirs

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    Any update on the Charmander nest @ londonderry atheletic park, I have been there nurmerous times this month around 5:00 PM and none have shown up.

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    Pincir Nest in Hawrelak Park right at the picnic site before you cross the footbridge to Buena Vista Park

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    For some reason 119 st and 51 Ave has been a goldmine for me. Was there at approximately 1500 hrs today for around 30 mins and caught

    2 squirtles, 1 pikachu, 1 poliwag, and several clusters of drowzees (could be 10 in total) plus the usual commons

    Also hawrelak park (southside by pokestops)  is still spawning pinsirs (I caught 2 in an hour at around 1430.

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    Nests have changed today. Looks like Windsor Park no longer spawns Mankeys and Clefairies but now has Vulpix and Manchop. Will follow for a few days and confirm

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    Symmetrics girl

    Found a couple charmander and 1 snorlax at hawrelak park. Sept 26th  27th and 28th.  After about 7 pm. Tons of people hunting them and they appear often

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    I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a “nest”, but I’ve now found two Dratinis in the same spot. The first was a couple months ago and second was today. They were on the walking path section off of 105 Ave west of 116 Street, between the cemetery area and the walking path that goes behind the new Brewery District.

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    Len Zawaski

    Kabuto and Teddiursa at Nellie McClung park sign at pioneer cabin

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